Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Currently - July

Denial . . . yes . . . denial . . .
Say it isn't so . . . July?

Listening - Those Herman Brothers are crazy! I just finished watching them build a fabulous treehouse.
Loving - Whew! The test is over and the result are in! I passed my admin test.
Thinking - 5 days! Just 5 days! I'm not sure what I will do with myself after those 5 days. Oh, I know, sleep! It has been a wonderful experience.

Wanting - I know I should embrace the rain because usually we are on water restrictions, but this has been crazy!

Needing - Grad school has taken up so much of my time (but worth it!) that blogging has been almost nonexistent!

All Star - I love to decorate for different events. The last decorating was our PD room. It just needed some "fun" for all the teachers that would be attending summer PD . . . hanging beach balls, sand buckets for table numbers, and summer wall decorations! (Why don't I have a picture?!)

Head over to Farley's blog for other Currently posts. I have a feeling there is going to be a bunch about heading to Vegas!
I'm looking forward to living vicariously through everyone's Vegas posts.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

My Personal Side - Link Up: Favorite Cup or Mug

Oh, little blog . . . how I have missed you!

I'm on the home stretch for grad school. Only 8 more classes until I am finish with my last semester!
Due to grad school, I had to put blogging on the back burner.

When I saw Molly's fun summer linky, I knew it was a perfect linky to join . . . because . . .  I have survived grad school on my favorite cup and mug . . . and it's contents!

I begin with my adorable mug. The mug has my daughter's drawing on it. Each year, her elementary school would participate in the Art to Remember program. This was her 5th grade drawing.
I get to enjoy my morning java while admiring my daughter's beautiful artwork!
My all time favorite K-Cup is from Green Mountain Coffee  -  Wild Mountain Blueberry! Yummy!

Next, I share with you . . . my new Yeti mug!!!! It is the best!!! My husband got it for me. It's my boat cup! (Super sad . . . haven't been on the boat so far this summer . . . tons of rain, facilitating PD, writing papers and completing projects! Soon, though!)

Lately, I've been keeping my Yeti filled with  . . . Crystal Light with Caffeine!  My friend, Casey, introduced it to me! It comes in 4 different flavors.  Tuesday, during class, Casey surprised me with 2 boxes . . .  grape and citrus! (It's been that kind of semester! Good . . . but intense!)

Check back with me when I finish up my last 8 classes . . . I'm sure my Yeti will be filled with something very different!

Head over to Molly's blog, Classroom Confections, to see some other fun mugs and cups!