Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Augmented Reality - Quiver & Holiday Writing

During these last few weeks of school . . . consider a few fun writing activities. 
The Quivar app, formally know as ColAR Mix, has a some holiday pages for students to color. Yes, a coloring sheet . . . not just any coloring sheet, but an augmented reality sheet! Download the Quiver app and hold it over the sheet that has been colored. Watch the picture come to life! These 3D coloring pages will amaze your students!
Once, students see their picture come to life, they will be ready to write!

Writing with a bit of Relaxed Ambience 
Project the crackling fire on your screen or a few computers around the room to create a "warm" and cozy environment for writing. This might even be a wear your slippers to school day!

Have some great writing prompt ideas for these augmented reality pages? Please feel free to add them to the Padlet!

Or . . . try some QR Codes and Holiday Judging
Click {here} to access the post and download this free activity.

Happy writing!