Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Probability Please and Blog by State

One of my favorite topics! We've had fun the last couple of weeks with probability. I placed different probability scenarios around the room. Students wandered around working the problems and then used their smart phones to check answers.
Love it!

There are 5 different carnival games related to probability. At first I just let my students explore. 
Then, we talked about the math behind the games. 
What is the probability that you will get a 10 on the Plinko game? 
 They played some more, then wrote about the math. Finally, they had to give a 
person advise about going to the carnival. 

Continuing with the carnival theme, I paired students up and gave them a popcorn bag. Ok, it wasn't popcorn, it was colored tiles. They were a bit disappointed, but got over it. Probability in a popcorn bag!

Diane from Fifth in the Middle has a cute linky going on at her blog. Link up by state!
Find your state, link up and find other bloggers from your state!
She created these really cute graphics for each state so we all know who is where!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Covered Wagons!!

Monday morning my students walked into the classroom and found that the desks had been turned into covered wagons! Shock, disbelief and curiosity! All that I had hoped would happen.

Then came the flood of questions. What are we doing? What are those? Can we touch them?
Students put their backpacks down and came to our CPR (Circle of Power and Respect) so we could chat.
I answered them with questions. What do you think these are? Why do you think they are in our class? What is the purpose? Do you think you should touch them? (We set some ground rules about touching.)

I explained that we would discuss after specials, in the meantime, enjoy your new home.

My students are so excited about their journey west!

We reviewed rectangular prism nets, so students could construct their own covered wagon for the wagon train. We have some very interesting wagons.
Soon would be "Wagon Masters" picks and the challenge of selecting their supplies for the trip.

There was decision making, compromising, death, sickness, joys and problem solving.
I have never seen a more engaged group of students!

Students working collaboratively in their wagons!
Wifi in the wagon!

My fabulous, wonderful and patient husband helped create the wagons out of pvc pipe, duct tape and white fabric.
See how the students turned the pvc pipe structures into different ecosystems!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Five on Friday

What an insane week! Really insane!  We have had a modified schedule 3 days out of 5. Professional development on Monday, walk to the Jr. School to see a play, 11 essays due by Thursday, technology webinar, Boosterthon craziness...but tons of fun!

Linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for another Five for Friday. Love doing this!

As one of the Boosterthon class incentives for reaching $50 per lap pledge, my class earned fort day.
Students brought sheets, blankets, pillows and tons of books for a 1/2 day of reading in their fort.

Boosterthon Fun Run
We ended our school fundraiser with a fun run! 
I had a wonderful parent order pirate bandanas, tattoos, and rings. 

Transformations in Geometry
My students created transformation books to show their knowledge. I provided cute Valentine monsters or they could create their own graphics. Super cute! They also had to create a Monster on the Move story. The monster started at one location, made 2 transformations and 
asked a question about the end location. 

So...I'm coming in from recess duty and through the door I can see my superintendent and asst superintendent of elem. curriculum (At first couldn't see my principal, assistant principal and curriculum director off to the side) I was hesitant to walk through the door. They were there to present me with flowers for being awarded the "Teacher of the Year" for our school district.

Valentine goodies from my super sweet students.

Happy Friday!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday Made It!

I have not done a Monday Made It in a long time! I would venture to say...since this summer!

#1: Semi-homemade...I bought the wreath but added the ribbon. In our neck of the must have lots of ribbon on your wreath!

#2: Spring has sprung...or at least it feels like it in Texas with my 5th graders. No capital letters at the beginning of a sentence, no periods or question marks, and no complete sentences! Really?!!!
Soooo, I'm going to try the "Frame of Fame!" Each week I'm going to pick a student piece of work that is worthy of being in the frame. The "Frame of Fame" will be outside our classroom. Each weekend, I will pick a piece of work to go in the frame. If their work is in the frame, they will get a homework pass for an assignment that week.

I had every intention of bringing the frame to school, but I left it on the kitchen island this morning!!! Ugg!
Actually, I think I might paint the back a different color. That way, the student can pick the color. This is the first piece of work that will be displayed.

#3: My last Monday Made It!... I found these at Wal-mart. Rory's Story Cubes!
There as so many ways you can use these! This week we will use them during "Work on Writing."
The sequencing sheet will help guide their writing.

I have got to find a better way to take pics...too many shadows!
There are some really great ideas over at 4th Grade Frolics Monday Made It!
Head over and check them out!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Currently ~ ~ February of my favorite link ups! Currently with Farley!  I will say, it shocks each time it is posted. Where does the month go?!!!

Listening-probably 3 more loads of laundry to go. I will say, I love the smell of fresh laundry out of the dryer.
It is a beautiful morning. Several windows are open and the birds are happy today. Makes me happy!

Loving - My student from Taiwan made the most beautiful card for me. It was a thank-you card for putting together a little celebration for his birthday. See yesterday's post for a pic of the card.

Thinking- Crazy, I tell you! Crazy! Next week we have the Boosterthon Fun Run kick off. This is the first time our school has done this type of fundraiser. Apparently, it is quite the experience. This crew comes in your classroom every day and gets the kids all pumped up to get out there and get pledges! I'll keep ya posted on this experience. We have a visiting author, Girls Excelling in Math and Science club, Rodeo Day, and I'm out Thursday for our TX Computer Education Association conference.

Wanting-Softball tryouts today! I just want it to be a good experience for her!

Needing - enough said! Didn't help that I had my all time favorite pizza last night. (See post from yesterday.)

Pet Peeves - You know how people fold their gum in their mouth and it makes that snappy little sounds. Ugg! And they can do it repeatedly! You can even hear it in their mouth if their lips are closed!
My own quirk-toilet paper must be turned over so that the roll comes from the top. I will even go as far as to change it in my friend's bathroom! more...libary!

Happy Saturday!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Five for Friday

I'm linking up Doodle Bugs Teaching for the Five for Friday...5 random things about my week. Boy, has this been a random week...but, not as random as next week will be!

1. Wednesday, our school had Papa John's Pizza night! This is not just any ordinary night!!  Families from our school, pre-ordered or called in their pizza orders and the teachers delivered!  It is sooo much fun. Parents volunteered to be the drivers and the teachers deliver! This year, the theme was "Cooking up Some Fun" so, I decorated my chef hat and delivered pizza until 8:00pm! Our school gets a percentage of the sales and 100% of the tips. I got about $150 in tips for the evening!

2. My precious student from Taiwan gave me this card today. I was so overwhelmed! It is a thank-you card that he created and had someone translate to English for him. His birthday was last Friday and I realized that he probably didn't know that most students bring cupcakes to share with the class. I ran to our local grocery store and bought cookies for him to share.  I also spoke with our p.e. teacher and had her set up the mats in the gym. He is an amazing gymnast! He performed for cool! His mom stopped by Thursday and wanted to take my I know why. 

3. Lines---perpendicular, parallel and intersecting! To go along with geometry in the real world, my students created maps and line related questions to show their understanding of this standard. (Sorry about the shadow!)
Going to post more on that lesson later. Stay tuned!

4. Today, I was named the Teacher of the Year for our district. This is the announcement from my principal's weekly newsletter. Huge honor...very humbled!

5. Yummy! My all time favorite pizza for dinner tonight!

Happy Friday!