Tuesday, July 28, 2015

I Survived Periscope! ~Chatterpix

Whew! I'm not gonna lie . . . that was stressful! But, F-U-N!
It's the fear of the unknown! 

What's going to happen when I push Start Broadcast?
Am I going to be able to interact with the comments?
Is anyone going to tune in?

Y'all . . . I panicked! I could not remember how to flip the camera! 
My video wouldn't play! Well, at least one of them wouldn't! 
But . . . I did it! and it was fun! 

Love to have you watch the replay . . . you can catch the funny kinder story I shared!

Or . . . keep scrolling for . . . 

Chatterpix is one of my all time favorite apps! This is perfect for the beginning of the school year. 
It is user friendly and no learning curve! No account needed and free!
Just . . .
Snap a picture - add voice - add a few stickers and maybe a frame - save to camera roll!

Here are a few ways to use Chatterpix the first few weeks of school.

Me Dolls! One of our grade levels has their students create Me Dolls. One teacher took it a step further and had her students create a Chatterpix video. She used the format from The Important Book (love this book!) for her students to create a script. Super cute! She downloaded the videos to her Google Drive and created a QR code to have the other students access the video. What a great way for students to get to know each other! Building a class community!

Stephanie, @learninginTX, used it with her students to create fun videos about science tools. 

Students selected a tool and wrote a script from the point of view of that tool. 
She created a script for some of her friends that needed a bit more support. 
Scripts are so important when creating. It helps guide the thinking. Otherwise, you are going to have umpteen bajillion retakes! 

One last idea . . . have student create a My Life in Numbers poster. Students can make these come to life! 

Two more things I shared on my scope this morning . . . 

Y'all . . . mark your calendar! 
Todd Nesloney and Jeff Herb are hosting a #periscopeOut day on August 6th! Educators from across the US are going to scope their school. You can visit schools in TX, AL, AR, CA, OH, IL, NY, LA . .  and more! It's going to be tons of fun! Click {here}to see the schedule of schools! 
My scope will be at noon!

One last thing! Texas Teachers! 
I, along with several others will be hosting an EdCamp in San Antonio on September 26th! Hope you can join us! Free! Prizes! 

Have a fabulous day!
Off to plan my next scope!

Monday, July 27, 2015

First Periscope . . . Fav App to Start the Year!

I hope you will join me for my first Periscope!
Tomorrow, July 28th at 10:00 Central!

I'll be chatting about my favorite app to start the school year!

Friday, July 10, 2015

Five for Friday ~ July 10th

Happy Friday! I'm linking up with Kacey over at Doodle Bugs Teaching for the Five for Friday linky party! It has been a long time since I joined this fun linky. I've missed it!

The past 14 months I have spent almost every day with this crew. They are an amazing bunch of educators and I have learned so much from them! 
Yesterday, was our last class of grad school. What an experience! 

Our very first class started with this poem . . . and we ended with this poem.
Let's just say . . . a few tears were shed.

For completing my Masters in Educational Leadership, my sweet family surprised me with a few things from Kendra Scott! 

I finally got to go out on our new boat. My daughter and her friends are riding the Sombrero! I am sitting back and I'm enjoying the day! I am  . . . finished!!!

Today, when we got home from boating, there was a unexpected delivery from Edible Arrangements!
My dear sweet friend, Debbie, sent me the arrangement as a congratulations for completing grad school. It's called the Blue Hawaiian. The white balls are pineapple fruit truffles! White chocolate and coconut! I have been chowing down on this arrangement of yumminess! 

It's been a great week . . . a bit emotional . . . but a new chapter begins!
It's been fun linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching. Head over to her blog and check out the other Five for Friday posts!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Plan with Me Sundays

Grad school is about to end and I have got to get back to being organized!

I am linking up with Kreative in Kindergarten and Keeping Up with Mrs. Harris for my first Plan with Me Sundays!

With that being said . . . this post is really about me getting organized to get organized!

Where does one start? . . . 
1) Flair pens
2) Sparkles
3) and The 3am Teacher's Hello Planner over at her TpT store! I have been eying this planner!

Files and files of fabulousness! 
This . . . 

turned into . . . this!
too many choices! A bit overwhelmed!

I put on some Enya . . . and asked myself . . . Self - "What do you need for this week? Remember, you still have class, several legal scenarios to analyze and write a plan for, 7 dispositions to complete, and an entry plan to write!"

 My must haves for this week . . . 

Birthday calendar. 
I think my family is about to disown me for the number of times I have forgotten birthdays!
Weekly Blog Posts . . . wishful thinking, but hey, it could happen! 
Notes . . . had a hard time picking which one for this week. All too cute!

Month at a Glance!
I found some stickers left over from the "never ending 6th grade projects" my daughter had this year.

A weekly schedule! 
Each week is a different color, some more stickers . . . and one sparkle. The sparkle is for the one thing that I'm looking forward to happening this week. Although, I could have put several sparkles on many events for this week! 
Can you find it? (besides on the suntan bottle)
I love the bottom portion. I'm using it to organize dinner for the week. We have been very bad about going to the grocery store every day . . . 
Tonight . . . crabmeat stuffed salmon!

I must add that I love my Google Calendar, but that's a whole other post!

So . . . the girls did kick start my planning . . . baby steps, but still . . . getting back to being organized
Head over to . . . Kreative in Kindergarten and Keeping Up with Mrs. Harris to see how others are getting organized. I have learned some great new tips!

Happy planning & Happy Sunday!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Currently - July

Denial . . . yes . . . denial . . .
Say it isn't so . . . July?

Listening - Those Herman Brothers are crazy! I just finished watching them build a fabulous treehouse.
Loving - Whew! The test is over and the result are in! I passed my admin test.
Thinking - 5 days! Just 5 days! I'm not sure what I will do with myself after those 5 days. Oh, I know, sleep! It has been a wonderful experience.

Wanting - I know I should embrace the rain because usually we are on water restrictions, but this has been crazy!

Needing - Grad school has taken up so much of my time (but worth it!) that blogging has been almost nonexistent!

All Star - I love to decorate for different events. The last decorating was our PD room. It just needed some "fun" for all the teachers that would be attending summer PD . . . hanging beach balls, sand buckets for table numbers, and summer wall decorations! (Why don't I have a picture?!)

Head over to Farley's blog for other Currently posts. I have a feeling there is going to be a bunch about heading to Vegas!
I'm looking forward to living vicariously through everyone's Vegas posts.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

My Personal Side - Link Up: Favorite Cup or Mug

Oh, little blog . . . how I have missed you!

I'm on the home stretch for grad school. Only 8 more classes until I am finish with my last semester!
Due to grad school, I had to put blogging on the back burner.

When I saw Molly's fun summer linky, I knew it was a perfect linky to join . . . because . . .  I have survived grad school on my favorite cup and mug . . . and it's contents!

I begin with my adorable mug. The mug has my daughter's drawing on it. Each year, her elementary school would participate in the Art to Remember program. This was her 5th grade drawing.
I get to enjoy my morning java while admiring my daughter's beautiful artwork!
My all time favorite K-Cup is from Green Mountain Coffee  -  Wild Mountain Blueberry! Yummy!

Next, I share with you . . . my new Yeti mug!!!! It is the best!!! My husband got it for me. It's my boat cup! (Super sad . . . haven't been on the boat so far this summer . . . tons of rain, facilitating PD, writing papers and completing projects! Soon, though!)

Lately, I've been keeping my Yeti filled with  . . . Crystal Light with Caffeine!  My friend, Casey, introduced it to me! It comes in 4 different flavors.  Tuesday, during class, Casey surprised me with 2 boxes . . .  grape and citrus! (It's been that kind of semester! Good . . . but intense!)

Check back with me when I finish up my last 8 classes . . . I'm sure my Yeti will be filled with something very different!

Head over to Molly's blog, Classroom Confections, to see some other fun mugs and cups!

Saturday, April 25, 2015


In San Antonio we celebrate Fiesta for about a week, ok . . . maybe 2 weeks!
It is one of those things that you have to experience to believe! We have royalty, parties, parades, contests, medals, parties, and parties, and more parties! We are even off for a day celebrating the "Battle of Flowers" parade.

Fiesta is all about supporting the community! Through different organizations, they raise money for various organizations around the city. #givingback!

Due to craziness with grad school, I have missed many of the festivities . . .

But, I did . . .
put out my wreath . . .

Helped my daughter register for the Pooch Parade (I was home with a sprained ankle! My first one ever! Not fun! Not even a good story!) The daughter and friends were so excited to walk, they didn't even get a picture of our Yorkie and MaltiePoo dressed in tux and prom dress.

And, made Cara's, Chicken Enchilada Pasta dinner over at Handcuffs, Pearls and Happy Hour!
This is a favorite! Such a favorite . . . I made it while standing on one leg!

Love, boiling my the chicken . . . then shredding! Kinda theraputic! Extra bowl of chicken is for the daughter . . .  she's not a fan of blended ingredients . . .

Add some black olives, avocado, sour cream . . . Yumminess!

Happy Fiesta!
Major fiesta . . . I am done with this semester!!!!!!!!!! One more to go!