Tuesday, December 31, 2013

13 of 13

I have a few hours left to reflect on 2013!
It has been an unbelievable year full of transformations, fun, surprises, anxiety, honors, humbling moments, and connections!

Take a bit of . . . PVC pipe, duct tape and some cloth to transform desks into Conestoga Wagons for our quest for Westward Expansion! Will we make it or not?!

In no particular order . . . and filled with exclamation points because how else do you show excitement for a fabulous year?

And 13 in 13!

ISTE, loved every moment!
 Change from 22 years as a classroom teacher to Instructional Technology Specialist.
My office! (Not that I'm ever in it!)

Little "Happys" to start the year off for the teachers at my school!
(The "I" pads - cuz you can never have too much technology!)

My vision coming to life . . . outdoor learning enviroment!
Thank you PTO, HEB and Scottie Tissues!
Students helping build a pond . . . ownership!
Learning huts being built so authors can write!
Apparently, the anniversary gift I wanted, I just didn't know it!
Has brought balance to our life! (And FUN!)
 Several honors this year! 
I'm learning to embrace them!
District Teacher of the Year, Trinity Prize of Excellence, 
HEB Excellence in Education Award for Leadership, Region 20 Teacher of the Year and 
Faye Langly Cowden Chair Award!
 Blogger meet ups!
Making connections!

Having fun with augmented reality! 
Even more fun, working with classes and augmented reality!
 Sharing ways to use QR Codes in the classroom and around school!
 Professional Development in the form of . . . Speed Sharing!

Coding with kinders!

Extremely proud of my child!
First student council president at our school!
How cool is that?!!!

I look forward to 2014!

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