Saturday, July 19, 2014

ABCya - Create!

There are so many facets to this site. For summer school, I was interested in the portions that were part of the creating and printing! I love that you can take these in any direction. The best for a literature connection and a writing prompt!

There are many Paint programs available, but this one has many features! Stickers, stamps, paint brush, pencil, spray can, lines of symmetry . . . I let the kids explore this site. The dinosaur stickers seemed to be a big hit, but it was the picture below that caught my attention. One of the 2nd graders drew the picture. I think she has a career in graphic design!
One of my favorite books is Hooway for Wodney Wat. I was super excited to find Wodney Wats Wobot! It was perfect to use with the Make a Robot site. If you are familiar with Wodney Wat, you know he can't pronounce his R's and gets teased mercilessly. When Wodney must go up against Camilla Capybara again, a talking robot becomes his secret weapon.
Students created their own personal robot and wrote about how their personal robot would help them in their ever day life. (Most had their robot do their homework!)
Skills learned: Manipulate graphics . . . rotate, scale, send to back, and bring to front.
Make a Pizza is a great site for the younger kiddos. It really helped them learn to use the mouse. These kiddos are what I call my swippers! They have learned to swipe iPads and iPhones . . . they have a hard time using a mouse, which they need to be able to use for some of our district assessments.
The Little Red Hen, was the perfect book to go with this site!
Click, hold, drag and drop the sauce and toppings onto the crust . . . put it in the oven and watch it bake! Print and write about your pizza!
Last, but not least . . . Create a Car! I read Ride, Fly Guy, Ride! Fly Guy decides to go on a car ride with his friend Buzz, but ends up on a wild adventure! Students designed a crazy car to take them on their own adventure. Students were then able to print the car and write about the adventure. Bonus:  Start the engine and drive the car!

ABCya Animate is on my list to investigate. Animate and create a .gif!

So . . . in 30 minutes (cuz that's what I had with each class) a literature connection, 
a creation and a story!

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