Sunday, November 23, 2014

Can't Live without it Linky!

I was visiting Suzanne's Krazy Town blog post about Can't Live Without It link up, created by Fun in Room 4B and Beyond . . . and thought what a fun linky!

I can't live without my crockpot . . . especially, my super cute one from Target! (I have 3 crockpots, 2 singles and 1 triple.)
Hubby makes the best queso for the impromptu Friday happy hour! (We always have the ingredients stocked.)
Most often, it is used for Sunday cooking. Fills the house with yummy goodness! And . . . perfect for during the week. Love the fact that by the time I get home, dinner is ready!

Next up . . . I don't know what it is about a good lip gloss, but it just makes me happy. It could be a challenging day and all I have to do is slap on some lip gloss . . . and it makes it all better! My 2 favorites . . . the first and the third one! Snow Pink and Super Natural! Lipgloss makes everything better!

 A bit of Kendra Scott!

For Mother's Day, my daughter created this at the Kendra Scott Color Bar!

And . . . finally, my Vera Bradley house shoes. 

Check out and link up with Fun in Room 4B and Beyond for some other great "must haves" to simplify your life with organizational ideas, home ideas, clothing ideas, and teaching supplies you can't live without!


  1. I love that chevron crockpot! I just got one with a timer and a warm setting. I am so fancy! LOL My old one just has low and high. Hope y'all have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    Krazy Town

  2. Hi Charlotte,
    After reading your blog I kept thinking as I read it... you have exactly the same favorite things as I do.... I could have easily written this blog post! Can't live without my crock pot, collecting and wearing any kind of lipstick or lipgloss has always been my thing since I was young... and still never know what kind of mood I wake up in so need to have all colors to know what I "feel" like wearing, love colorful necklaces, they brighten any school outfit, and cannot live without my slippers or uggs (even though I live in southern California)..... I taught fifth grade last year, but teach sixth grade this year, so just going to say that I am so happy to "meet" you. Stop by our blog if you ever have a minute...
    Take care and Happy Thanksgiving!
    Carol of The Teacher Team

  3. Love the crockpot! I have one and need to bring it back out and use it more. However, it's not nearly as cute as yours. I'm glad to see that your Vera Bradley house shoes are something you can't live without. I've been eyeing a pair. Now I know to take the plunge and get a pair! Thank you so much for linking up with me!

    1. I was too embarrassed to show the other crock pot. It's the one my husband uses for queso. He swears it is "seasoned" for the ultimate cheesy taste! (I have to agree!)