Saturday, April 25, 2015


In San Antonio we celebrate Fiesta for about a week, ok . . . maybe 2 weeks!
It is one of those things that you have to experience to believe! We have royalty, parties, parades, contests, medals, parties, and parties, and more parties! We are even off for a day celebrating the "Battle of Flowers" parade.

Fiesta is all about supporting the community! Through different organizations, they raise money for various organizations around the city. #givingback!

Due to craziness with grad school, I have missed many of the festivities . . .

But, I did . . .
put out my wreath . . .

Helped my daughter register for the Pooch Parade (I was home with a sprained ankle! My first one ever! Not fun! Not even a good story!) The daughter and friends were so excited to walk, they didn't even get a picture of our Yorkie and MaltiePoo dressed in tux and prom dress.

And, made Cara's, Chicken Enchilada Pasta dinner over at Handcuffs, Pearls and Happy Hour!
This is a favorite! Such a favorite . . . I made it while standing on one leg!

Love, boiling my the chicken . . . then shredding! Kinda theraputic! Extra bowl of chicken is for the daughter . . .  she's not a fan of blended ingredients . . .

Add some black olives, avocado, sour cream . . . Yumminess!

Happy Fiesta!
Major fiesta . . . I am done with this semester!!!!!!!!!! One more to go!

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