Sunday, July 5, 2015

Plan with Me Sundays

Grad school is about to end and I have got to get back to being organized!

I am linking up with Kreative in Kindergarten and Keeping Up with Mrs. Harris for my first Plan with Me Sundays!

With that being said . . . this post is really about me getting organized to get organized!

Where does one start? . . . 
1) Flair pens
2) Sparkles
3) and The 3am Teacher's Hello Planner over at her TpT store! I have been eying this planner!

Files and files of fabulousness! 
This . . . 

turned into . . . this!
too many choices! A bit overwhelmed!

I put on some Enya . . . and asked myself . . . Self - "What do you need for this week? Remember, you still have class, several legal scenarios to analyze and write a plan for, 7 dispositions to complete, and an entry plan to write!"

 My must haves for this week . . . 

Birthday calendar. 
I think my family is about to disown me for the number of times I have forgotten birthdays!
Weekly Blog Posts . . . wishful thinking, but hey, it could happen! 
Notes . . . had a hard time picking which one for this week. All too cute!

Month at a Glance!
I found some stickers left over from the "never ending 6th grade projects" my daughter had this year.

A weekly schedule! 
Each week is a different color, some more stickers . . . and one sparkle. The sparkle is for the one thing that I'm looking forward to happening this week. Although, I could have put several sparkles on many events for this week! 
Can you find it? (besides on the suntan bottle)
I love the bottom portion. I'm using it to organize dinner for the week. We have been very bad about going to the grocery store every day . . . 
Tonight . . . crabmeat stuffed salmon!

I must add that I love my Google Calendar, but that's a whole other post!

So . . . the girls did kick start my planning . . . baby steps, but still . . . getting back to being organized
Head over to . . . Kreative in Kindergarten and Keeping Up with Mrs. Harris to see how others are getting organized. I have learned some great new tips!

Happy planning & Happy Sunday!


  1. I love my 3AM Teacher planner! Michelle is a doll and when I say pretty please will even help me out on a page that I would die for. She really thought of everything when she made it! Let me know if you need help picking pages :) I've gotten pretty good at it! Thanks for linking up!

    1. Thanks, Meghan! She really has thought of everything.

  2. I am right there with you as far just starting to use a planner! If you read my link up post, you'll see that I have been very much a "fly by the seat of my pants" kinda gal! It has worked for me; however, with the school year quickly approaching, and my girls being involved in their own activities, I feel that it is time to begin using a planner! Good luck to you!

  3. I am right there with you. I always thought what do I really need and also what I should do first. I love flair pens and how they will help with color coding for me. Have a great week!!
    Jasmine H.
    The Social Media Teacher

    1. There is just something about a big-o-pack of new Flair pens! I have always liked color coding and encouraged my students to color code when taking notes or writing.

  4. I think you're off to a great start! I love using different colored pens to make my planner look happy and pretty :)

    1. Thanks! I'm trying! Since, grad school will be finished maybe I can contribute a great planning tip for next time. :)