Sunday, August 23, 2015

Incorporate Emojis to Encourage Writing

It's amazing to watch my daughter text her friends almost entirely in emojis. They have their own language! 
I must admit . . . I love adding emojis to my texts to friends. They add just the right punctuation!

It got me thinking . . . what a great way to connect with students! I'm always looking for ways to encourage writing, especially for hesitant writers. 

Since summer just ended have students write about a summer moment.  Have the students write a rough draft and then transfer it into the fun website Emoji Translate
As you type, the emojis appear below. (It was fun to play with the words to see what emoji would pop up!)  

Summer Moments

Once, students have completed their emoji moment, they can take a screen shot, crop it and add to a shared Google slide presentation.

Another option is to have student use iPads to access the site. They can type their summer moment (or if students are allowed use their own mobile device) and take a screen shot of their finished product. 

Then, have students pull it into the Pic Collage Kids app to crop it, add a background, text and stickers. 
Save it to the camera roll. From there, the options are limitless.

Here are some fun videos to share with your class. They are Frozen and Tangled all done with emojis! Hilarious and very clever!

I love this! Bill Nye explains climate change using emojis!

Have a great week!


  1. What a great way to encourage writing. Thank you for sharing such a cool website!

    Fit to be Fourth

  2. Oh my goodness...I LOVE your Emoji Translate project. How CUTE!!!!
    The Techie Teacher

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