Friday, January 1, 2016

Currently - January 2016

Happy New Year! It has been a wonderful break. Family, friends, relaxing and rejuvinating . . .

Listening: I'm getting caught up on the Periscopes from iteachtvnetwork!

Loving: Girls Day! While shopping with the mother-in-law, sister-in-law, niece and daughter in Fredericksburg, Texas, I found this fabulous Alex and Ani bangle bracelet! It is my saying for 2016 Ok, one of my sayings! I have a few for 2016 . . .

Thinking: Oh, my gosh! It is going to be brutal on Monday. Late nights . . . late mornings!

Wanting: It has been a great holiday. We have had some really fun family times. 

Needing: I need to work on organizing our regional Student Robotics Competition! As the TCEA director for my region, one of my tasks is to host a robotics competition. It is very fun! STEM at it's finest! I'm still looking for judges! Live in the surrounding San Antonio area? Want to be a judge? No experience necessary! Breakfast and lunch provided! Let me know! 


  1. Urban dictionary definition
    Exclamation used on revealing a surprise or on completion of a hard task. Often accompanied with jazz hands pose.

My job, as an instructional coach, is to support teachers and their students. I encourage teachers to take risks and think outside the box in order to create engaging experiences for their students.  I love when students and teachers get that big grin on their face as they try something new . . . and it works!

Soooo . . . my goal is to figure out how to create even more "ta-da" moments. Who doesn't love shouting . . .  Ta-Da?!

It's like magic . . . Ta-Da! . . . Celebrate!. . . Jazz Hands!

Farley, thanks for another fabulous Ta-Da Currently!


  1. Anything with jazz hands sounds pretty good to me Charlotte :) Good luck with the 6am start!
    Stars and Wishes

    1. Right?! Jazz hands just have that special added bonus!

  2. LOVE the word! I went to Fredericksburg a few summers ago and LOVED it! Did you eat any good German food? I love Alex and Ani bracelets! They are my newest obsession. Happy New Year!
    Very Perry Classroom

    1. We actually ate at an Italian restaurant. Very good! However, we did graze at the shop that has all the samples. A bajillion samples! The jalapeno peanut butter made my eyes tear and nose run!

  3. So you're no longer teaching in your own classroom? I have applied for an instructional coach or mentor position next year. Interview this week, have decided if I want to leave the classroom, so may just decide to mentor. Any advice? A little nervous for the interview, since I have been teaching for a long time. If you could email me that would maybe be better. Thanks for sharing, Jackie