Sunday, October 21, 2018

Blended Learning Tools - 4 Part Series

This is a four part series on digital tools for a Blended Learning environment.

First up, in this series, is InsertLearning.

InsertLearning is a Chrome extension that allows you to take a website and make it interactive!

Like many tech tools these days, InsertLearning is a freemium site. However, the free stuff is great!
You can add questions, videos, and discussions. I love the fact that you can push out the learning experience to students through Google Classroom!

Features . . . quick reference!

Draw students attention to particular vocabulary or phrase with the highlighting tool. 
(You can follow up with a questions or a discussion.)

Sticky Note
How fun is this? By inserting a sticky note, you can include an image, video, link or embed a code.
What if you added . . .

Even crazier . . .  add a personal message with insight, directions, or a word of encouragement.

Create a Question
Highlight a section and click the question mark. Up pops this box. At this point, you can add your own question or you can click on the "select a stem" for choices for question prompts. Multiple choice or open ended!

Add discussion questions that get students talking and connecting to the text . . . right there on the page.

What about pricing?

When designing work for students, start with your standards. Then, ask yourself if this tool lends itself to moving student learning forward.

Have fun with InsertLearning!

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