Saturday, October 22, 2016

Tech or Treat

It was a fun 2 days "Tech or Treating" with our secondary teachers! 

I'm fortunate to have a small professional development room next to my office. I took that room and added spooking lights, cobwebs, a BEwARe sign and a bunch of tech stations. Oh, and lots of treats!
I fashioned the two days like an open house. Come and go! A bunch of tech and a bunch of treats!

I wanted it to be a casual learning experience.  I set up stations highlighting different tech tools.  I created QR Codes that linked to student final products. The purpose was to highlight teachers and the different was they are integrating tech.
The nice part about the "tech or treating," it gave me the chance to have one-on-one conversations with teachers about how to integrate these tools with their content. 

A few of our teachers tech or treating!

What exactly were those tech tools? Here's my treat for you.
Click on the image to take you to the site.

This is my new favorite! (This tool is for 13+ however, you can view this Adobe Spark Edu Guide on how to use Adobe Spark with younger students.) 

We have a district Nearpod account, so we have access to the virtual tours and 3D experiences.

Super fun! Create comic like stories! Show what you know!

French class example!

This is great tool for group discussion questions or if you have that family dilemma . . . Where do we go for dinner?

Love this one!
Students add the text and the program brings in the images. Add a voice over and voila!
I chatted with out World Language teachers about having their students type in English and voice over in the language for their class.

Here is one I created explaining formative assessments!
Next up, such a fun tool to edit photos. I used this to edit the photos at the start of the blog.
Students can use this as an exit ticket. Take your picture, add text on your one big take away, add a few embellishments and share with the teacher!

Another great tool for an exit tickets!!!

 One of the choices, a fortune cookie! How fun is this?!
Enjoy the fun tech tools. Hope they will be a treat for your students.


  1. This is so exciting! So many fun ways to do technology! Love all the Halloween to go with it....What did you use to have the light & shadows of Halloween images on the wall when the lights were off? Would love to know more how you incorporated these with your teachers. I teach 2nd grade...Thanks! Jackie

  2. Hi, I chatted with out World Language teachers about having their students type in English and voice over in the language for their class.

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