Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Newbie Blogging

I love fifth grade!
It was a wonderful year full of new experiences and risk taking, for both the students and myself.  At the end of each year, I always begin to think about next year. What went well? What will I continue to do? What will I abandon? What will I redesign? And the ever so popular...what was I thinking?

So, begins the planning!

I've been looking at Teachers Pay Teachers. Love the idea of sharing things I have created. Most of my day has been spent researching TpT. How does it work? Is it worth the time? What about copyright? (I'm a rule follower...sometimes.) 

So, I've started with a blog, created a few freebies and starting looking at what engaging work I have designed for my students this past year.

Here is a link to my first freebie on Teachers Pay Teachers. It is called...Stop, Drop and Observe.
It is an activity on making observations.

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