Friday, June 15, 2012

Leftovers and Burgers

Messy cooker!
Well, the chicken enchilada pasta was yummy. We have been eating the leftovers which are even better.

My daughter and I were very busy today.  We started out our day by picking up her book for her summer book club. The book is Darth Paper Strikes Back. An interesting book choice. My daughter is excited because she gets to be in a book club. So, I'm thrilled that she is excited about reading.

 I LOVE to read! I don't read for pleasure during the school year because I have no self control. Here is the proof...I stayed up until 3am to finish a book last night. My dad, he had self control. He could literally read for an hour before bed, close the book and go to bed. How is that possible? My mom, much like me, had a hard time putting a book down. My brother also likes to read. Honestly, I'm not sure if he is more like my mom or my dad. I think I will have to ask him. So, I come from a family of readers.

After we picked up the book, we went to Hobby Lobby to get scrapbooking stuff. My daughter decided to make a book about her father/daughter trip to Colorado. She has been secretly working on it in her room.

Lunch at Taco Cabana.
Hair cut for the daughter...two inches off and sweeping bangs.
Pick up the Jon Hart men's shave kit for Father's Day.

Finally, home.
Pool time and grilled hamburgers. Everyone had a different type of burger tonight. Turkey burger with parmesan for the hubby, traditional burger for the daughter and mine...a turkey burger with black olives, pesto, and basil. YUM!
Movie time...what a great day!

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