Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Currently September

I'm linking up with Farley for her Currently September.

Listening-My daughter's fourth grade teacher is using Google Forms for the nightly reading response entries. It is way cool.
Loving-I haven't seen my friend in 15 years! She came here to scout out venues for her wedding. It was great getting caught up and meeting her fiance.
Thinking-Way to long at school yesterday!
Wanting-I'm finding too many excuses for not getting back on the treadmill. Mainly...I'm tired!
Needing-It might have been an epidemic. Several of my team members couldn't sleep either. 
Favorite Things- I LOVE my Consuela bag! My husband and daughter gave it to me for my birthday. My goal is to NOT load it down with school stuff! Here's a pic!
Yummy coffee!


  1. It sounds like you are probably about as exhausted and warn out from school as I am, and I look at that as my excuse not to work out right now. Also occasionally an excuse or reason to eat junk food. :)

  2. I also kept waking up during the middle of the night! I think my reason had to do with the weather- they predicted thick fog (which would cause school delays), but the fog didn't happen around here!

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  3. I am feeling the same way about your "wanting!" I just stopped at the gym today. First time since school started. I keep telling myself that we work very hard these first few weeks and once the routine is down getting back on track is easier. Good luck!