Sunday, September 23, 2012

Outdoor Learning Environment and Math Facts

Oh, my goodness! It has been forever since I posted!
I am in the midst of writing 5 grants and prepping to present to our school board for an outdoor learning environment. Ohh, and also doing lesson plans for my oh sooo cute-precious and darling class. (They really are!)

If you happen to have an outdoor learning environment at your school, I would looooooove to hear from you about how it was started, what you have in it, how you maintain it and how your got the funds.

So, completely not related to the outdoor learning environment, my post for the evening is about math fluency! HOT topic at our school.  Our fifth graders are coming to us with low math fact fluency. Research shows that higher order math skills such as multiple digit addition, subtraction, multiplication, long division and fractions will be severely impaired without fluent retrieval. 
Preaching to the choir? I know...
My friend, Amy, found this website that helps to work on math fluency! LOVE IT!!!!!
Students work at their own pace. There is a short, daily lesson that combines basic skills with a beat the teacher quiz. Once they master a skill set, the questions start to become harder. Teachers receive a weekly progress report letting you know how your students are doing. 
 Oh, did I mention... it is FREE!!!!!!!

What do you use for math fluency?

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