Saturday, October 27, 2012

Google Apps Summit...way cool!

I had a great time at the Google Summit today. Thanks to Dr. Roland Rios from St. Sam Houston ISD for creating a great conference.

Here are some of my fun tech tidbits that I learned today.

Fun Tech Tidbit #1: Never grade a paper again! Ok...maybe a bit of an exaggeration, but well on it's way to being true. If you use Google Apps, this is for you!
Everyone was talking about Flubaroo.

Flubaroo allows teachers to grade a quiz created from a Google form by simply answering the questions first as the teacher.  Loving this!

Here are a few tutorials for Flubaroo.
The Innovative Educator
Flubaroo Tutorial

Fun Tech Tidbit #2: I attended a session by Amy Mayar.

She showed us how to search Google templates. There were some great resources on the site.
What I really liked, was a post on her blog where she shows how to make a video comment on a student's Google doc using Jing!
Way cool! Check out her posting.
She also talked about using (district account) Google Sites as a student portfolio that follows a student through 12th grade.

Last Fun Tech Tidbit: Interactive Google Presentations
Now, this one was a bit more involved. Do you remember, the old Choose Your Adventure books? Helpful session, since I had done these last year with my students. We used PowerPoint. We also used Student Response Clickers to have participants vote on the path. It had some glitches!

The session today gave me some helpful hints on how to start the process and make it a bit easier to start with students. I also got to mesh my process  with my new learning. There were some great tips for making it easier. We will do these again...only this time through Google Presentation.

I really enjoyed the day. Hope you can use some of the ideas.


  1. Great post - I am a 1:1 teacher so I love to hear about new things! Looking at all you posted now to see what I can use! Thanks!

    1. Thanks! It was very nice to be around some many people that are enthusiastic about technology integration. It really pumped me! The interactive presentation was fun. Hope you find some useful information.