Sunday, December 2, 2012

Currently December

Ahhh...December! Tree is up, lights are strung outside, stockings are hung, Christmas shopping...NOT started! Ugg!!!  But, my Currently-December is done!     Link up with Farley to post your Currently.

The rain outside!  Gotta love Texas...and a high of 79 degrees today.

Cookie bake next weekend! Yum! These are the best cookies ever! Even better when they are frozen! The cookie recipe has been passed down from my husband's grandmother. I learned how to make them from my mother-in-law. Now, we have a few friends (they were asking in Oct. when we were baking cookies) over for a  "bring your own cookie tin---whatever you decorate, you take home" cookie party. The night before, we prepare all the dough and icing. Our kitchen always looks like it has snowed from all the flour and powdered sugar.  My husband is the master at rolling, cutting out the shapes and cooking the cookies. Sounds like he does most of it, right? Uhhh...well he does. My job is to get in there and frost and decorate so that we can get our tins filled. These cookies are his breakfast for the next month.

We had a fantastic time watching The Nutcracker ballet! A friend and I took our girls to lunch and then to see the ballet. It was a great day!

The weekend always seems to fly by! I have to get out to buy items for my daughter's advent calendar. I'm now 2 days behind. After that, hours of grading. I let this week get by without keeping up with my grading. Not good!

I usually do the rice and glue wreath ornament, which is really cute. On the inside of the wreath, I add a picture of each student. I think it is time for something new. Ideas?

My class is going to start a computers. My students are going to go around cleaning classroom computers for the teachers.

Happy Sunday!


  1. I love the rice ornament! I might have to try this with my kiddos!

    Krazy Town

  2. I love your RAK idea. The computers in my school never get cleaned. I love Christmas but am totally behind in decorating and shopping. Got to get in gear!

    Thinking Out Loud

  3. Nutcracker!! I totally remember my mom and her bff taking me and her daughter to see that when I was a little girl! :D I'm sure your daughter will cherish this memory and remember it like I do!! I totally love your idea of your CLASS doing RAK!! I'll have to think of one. Check out my blog..I'll be posting about a Christmas card my kids are making for their parents (super cute and totally inexpensive) and then later this week (hopefully) I'll be posting pictures of our Christmas gift to parents...
    Teaching in Paradise

  4. I can relate to the rain outside here this weekend...but unfortunately, it's freezing rain which leads to icy road
    The Nutcracker was the first ballet I every attended (I went with my Mom, and it wasn't until I was in my 30's), and now my daughter and I try to attend at least one ballet each year, sometimes finding one that we haven't seen yet.
    I'm not sure what we'll be doing for Christmas kids' gifts yet...I've been checking out Pinterest lately to try to find some new ideas. Good Luck with yours!

  5. I love your RAK idea! I need to get this going in my 5th grade classroom! Thanks!


    1. Thanks! See my post Rocks, RAK and RTI for our cute cleaning baskets. The kids love cleaning.