Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Covered Wagons!!

Monday morning my students walked into the classroom and found that the desks had been turned into covered wagons! Shock, disbelief and curiosity! All that I had hoped would happen.

Then came the flood of questions. What are we doing? What are those? Can we touch them?
Students put their backpacks down and came to our CPR (Circle of Power and Respect) so we could chat.
I answered them with questions. What do you think these are? Why do you think they are in our class? What is the purpose? Do you think you should touch them? (We set some ground rules about touching.)

I explained that we would discuss after specials, in the meantime, enjoy your new home.

My students are so excited about their journey west!

We reviewed rectangular prism nets, so students could construct their own covered wagon for the wagon train. We have some very interesting wagons.
Soon would be "Wagon Masters" picks and the challenge of selecting their supplies for the trip.

There was decision making, compromising, death, sickness, joys and problem solving.
I have never seen a more engaged group of students!

Students working collaboratively in their wagons!
Wifi in the wagon!

My fabulous, wonderful and patient husband helped create the wagons out of pvc pipe, duct tape and white fabric.
See how the students turned the pvc pipe structures into different ecosystems!


  1. What an AWESOME idea! I'm sure the kiddos went crazy when they say them :) What a wonderful way to make learning fun and engaging - excellent work, Charlotte!

    I can't wait to see what else happens on your journey West :)

    Joy in the Journey

  2. Thanks!
    They are totally hooked! It's all coming together! Language arts-historical fiction, of course pioneer life. Math-probability!
    Engaged Kids!

  3. I'll be using this idea next year with my 4th graders. Thanks!