Friday, May 3, 2013

May ~~ Currently!

Another fun Currently with Farley!

It's 6:24 am Friday. I have been up since 3:20 rehashing all the questions I was asked yesterday...
Did I answer that completely?
Did I really say that...?
Why didn't I say....?
Should I have included...?
Awww, man I forgot to tell them about...! 
One of the judges (there were 3- the superintendent from Victoria, a nice lady from Pearson, and a Professor from Brownsville) said we would do this, but to be confident in what we shared. Who knew it would start at 3:20 am?!!! Uggg!

I finally had to come down to the hotel lobby at 5:40, so as to not disturb my husband as I flopped to one side then another, outwardly groaned as I thought about an answer  I had shared, and finally thought...the May Currently is up and I will probably be #one billion, but much more fun than agonizing over what is now out of my control! :-)

So...I will wait patiently all day today for the evening award ceremony announcing the HEB Excellence in Education Award in the Leadership category and the Lifetime Achievement category which my dearest friend is a nominee for! 

P.S. (Just giving you a head's up...I'm gonna do the no-no and post twice today! Can't pass up the Five for Friday!)


  1. I just went ahead and combined the two posts because I knew I wanted to do both. Congrats on being nominated for such a special award, and good luck!!

    Don't Let the Teacher Stay Up Late

  2. I am glad you could take a break from all of that pressure with my Currently... now I have to hop over to see your FIVE!!! love ya

  3. With all the craziness, never got to the Five, but that's ok! As much as I love the linky, the reason can't help but be super excited!

  4. Could you email me about this currently image.. I would like to incorporate one on my kidblog next year and just need to be headed in the right direction on how to make one. I really appreciate any and all assistance, directions, nudges, etc.