Sunday, May 5, 2013

Trinity Award, HEB and Soledad O'Brien!

I'm not going to lie...since Wednesday I... 
have wanted to vomit, 
was sweating like I didn't put deodorant on and let me tell you, I reapplied many times...(not gonna tell ya what kind b/c wouldn't be a good advertisement),
thought I would pass out, 
had shaking hands, 
had cotton mouth, and
wanted to cry!

Last Wednesday, I attended the Trinity Prize for Excellence award ceremony.  I was a finalist and I won! All of those things listed above are just a few of the things my body was going through until Rebecca Mieliwoski spoke. She is amazing! She is funny! She is real! She started speaking and a calm came over me! I really can't explain it...except that she spoke my 
I am extremely grateful to Trinity University. They have an exceptional education program.

(Pictured below: My principal, me, and my superintendent)

Rinse, Repeat and do all over again on Thursday and Friday!

Yes, all over again for the... 
The H-E-B Excellence in Education Awards. Right after the Trinity awards, we left San Antonio to travel to Austin. I was nominated by colleagues for the Leadership category. I was 1 of 5 finalists in the state of Texas. Thursday, I had a 40 minute interview with a superintendent, a woman from Pearson and a college professor. They put me at ease as I talked about kids and what I do in the leadership capacity for my campus and our district.
The announcement didn't come until Friday night! Talk about nerves...Hence my 5 am post the other day.

Sooo, Thursday evening, in a regular Texas fashion...there was a BBQ for the finalists...even with armadillo races! Let's just say...mine won! (Ignore my creepy eyes...I couldn't "red-eye correct them!)

Friday night!
Think, Golden Globes for teachers!
I won in my category! $10,000 for my school! Not only that, I had to make a thank-you speech in front of 800+ people.

Family, friends, superintendent, admin from district office and my wonderful principal were in attendance.
Soledad O'Brien was the guest speaker! Amazing!!!!! She has a heart breaking yet inspiration story.

The money will go toward an outdoor learning environment for our school.
I am so appreciative for all that Mr. Butt had done for education. He has given away $6.5 million dollars to teachers and school districts!