Thursday, August 1, 2013

Currently - August

#190! A nice rounded number!

Today, I got to spend an amazing day with teachers! We had a design day at my district! Teachers from across the district came together to design engaging work for students. I'm a design coach for my district, so I got to hear teachers work through designing work for students. Teachers pick hard to learn, difficult to teach lessons. They start off by looking at their "who." Who are they teaching, what motivates them, what engages them....? From there it just evolves into more than what most teachers think! Such another post!

A bit too heavy for a Currently by Farley!

So...we begin....

Listening - My daughter is watching Victorious the tv show. It is the episode that is framed after The Breakfast Club movie! My husband happened to mention this to her. My daughter sooooo wants to see the movie! Absolutely, not! You must be older. (10 year old)

Loving - Our family bought a ski boat! We are having the best time out on the lake. My daughter has taken several friends to the lake and we plan on meeting family this weekend! Side note: Apparently, I wanted this for our anniversary! Who knew?!!! :)

Thinking - Ok, to be completely honest, I'm really thinking...Summer is slipping away. Boo-hoo, but it's been a great one. And if we are being completely honest, I'm thinking, that I've got to get started writing a speech for convocation. I have to give a 5 minute inspirational speech to my whole entire district the first day all teachers come back to school.
Got ideas?....What would you say to your district? What would you say to your colleagues to get them pumped about the new school year? Any and all suggestions welcome.

Wanting - Ok...again, if we are being honest here... I want someone to finish packing up my classroom for me, so I can hit the lake more with my family before school starts. 21 years of stuff!

Needing -  As I take on my new position as an Instructional Tech Specialist, there are many behind the scenes data types of things that need to be taken care of for this position. Things that need to be taken care of for teachers so they can successfully integrate technology. (I only hope they are patient with me.)    Curriculum/Integration- I'm all over that!!!!!! No, problem!!!!

Back 2 School stuff: 
1) I just got a keyboard for my iPad (lovin' it) so I need a really cute iPad case!
2) I must have purple pens!!!!
3) I've posted about Sam Moon before...cute "blinging my outfit out" accessories! I've taken on this obsession about accessories lately!
4) I know...there is no #4! I'm adding it! It's my..."Back to School Teacher Technology Survival Kit."
Stay tuned for this! Soooo cute!


  1. We love going to the lake too. Enjoy the rest of your summer on your new boat! Sounds like a lot of fun. Good luck in your new position this school year. :)

    Mrs. Pauley’s Kindergarten

  2. I love to write in colored pens as well - I notice you put purple. I very rarely use a black, blue, or red pen. The brighter the color the better. Thanks for sharing. I can't wait to read more post.


  3. Hi, found you on Currently. I love your blog header! Congrats on your new position!

    The Bender Bunch

  4. A boat sounds fun! I'm no help with the speech. Maybe something about how each teacher just might be a hero to one of their kids

    Krazy Town

  5. I've always said I'd love to have a boat one day! Going to the lake is so much fun!

  6. I think you should tell them it isn't easy to be awesome, but it is worth the work. lol Ok, maybe not.