Friday, September 20, 2013

Five for Friday

Now that I'm not in a classroom, I'm finding it hard to find my Five for Friday pics.
Maybe, I need to look at my new position through a new lens (pun intended hee-hee) for pictures during my week.

Pic #1: This week, I was completely surprised by my principal and a very nice gentleman from Blue Bell ice cream! The Blue Bell company recognized me for being our regional Texas Teacher of the Year.
All of our students were treated to an ice cream sandwich and I took home 4 GALLONS of my favorite ice cream! Then, I was told 2 local news stations were waiting for me outside to do a live interview plus a taped interview! It did NOT help that it was humid as all get out! Bring on the sweat! Nerves and atmospheric pressure! Let's just say...I would not have been a good spokes person for my deodorant company at that moment!

Super cute activity by one of our second grade teachers! 
Ok, I really like the precious clip holding the student work!

My daughter's Halloween costume came in today. 
Several of her friends are going as the whole Sesame Street, a bit more hip lookin' crew!

Had to purchase Cotillion gloves for my daughter. All the 5th grade girls AND boys are starting Cotillion on Monday! Whole new world!

Have you seen this guy?!!!! I know....soooooo "Only a mama could love" little guy!
He is the Blobfish ... voted the ugliest animal alive! This is a writing prompt waiting to happen! Tech integration somehow. I will figure it out!

Happy Friday!


  1. Congratulations on the award! That is definitely exciting and the icecream just makes it deliciously exciting :) And how ugly is that fish! Lol.

  2. We saw you on the news! I just bet you were everyone's favorite person that day!

    Krazy Town