Monday, November 25, 2013

Blendspace! Speed Share #2

This Tech Speed Sharing is so much fun!
Speed Share #2 . . .

Create digital content in 5 minutes! Say, what?!!!
Oh, but is true!
I literally pulled this together in 5 minutes.

  • Free - currently
  • Requires a login
  • Any browser
What does Blendspace do?
Organize content, asses and track!

How are teachers using it?
Flipped classroom, lesson planning, student research, inquiry based learning, project based learning...

Give it a try! Click on the graphic!
The graphic organizers used are for independent work.

So easy! Drag and drop a wide variety of resources to create "one stop shopping" for  lessons!
YouTube, Google, Flickr, Educreations, Gooru, insert a webpage, files, Dropbox, and Google Drive!
Not only that, create your own quiz! Say, what?!!! Yes, your own quiz that can be tracked.

Here it is! You can give your students the quiz by giving them the class code.

Last, but not least, please go vote that you want Blendspace to be free for education!
If you go to the Help link you can vote to keep it free!


  1. Thank you for sharing this. I checked it out and am excited about the videos and will use this for all my Earth science lessons.

  2. Wow! Thank you for sharing about this! I can hardly wait to try this out!

    1. I think this is going to be so great for professional development!