Monday, September 1, 2014

Currently ~ September

September and a Currently! 
I'm linking up with Farley over at Oh, Boy Fourth Grade for the fabulous and fun Currently

Listening: It has been a wonderful weekend! My daughter invited 3 friends to the coast. Crazy fun!

Saw this on the beach. Yep, everything in Texas really is bigger!

Circle of Death - Last time we came to the coast with my niece, be did the CoD! Crab hunting late at night . . .  scoop them in the bucket . . . stand in a circle . . . release the crabs in the center . . . last one still standing wins!

Loving: It was so nice to sit on the beach and do nothing. A few storms, but that makes it exciting until the wind bent our tent frame and then someone stole our tent cover! (Really?!!! That is just rude!)

Thinking: There is a paper I need to write and a chapter I need to read! Second semester of grad school has started! Tried reading on the beach . . . just didn't work. Distracted by the good people watching!

Wanting: The regular . . . housekeeper, personal assistant, personal trainer, personal chef . . .

Needing: Actually, I'm meeting a friend at 4:45am to walk. Ug! Gotta get my steps back up on the Fitbit!

3 Places: I can't seem to convince the family to go on an Alaskan cruise. I had a student go on one and he shared the scrapbook his grandmother had put together. It just looked beautiful . . .
St. Lucia and Australia - one day!

Alas, it is time to pack up and head home! Trying not to take all the sand back with us.
Have a lovely day and check out the other posts over at Farley's blog!


  1. I'll go with you on the Alaskan cruise! We loved ours - it's a trip I'd gladly repeat. Glad you had fun at the beach.

    Krazy Town

    1. Great! Cuz I really didn't want to go by myself!

  2. Replies
    1. Also, there was an enormous Texas flag! Very entertaining on the beach!

  3. I would definitely lose the Circle of Death game! I don't know about crabs roaming around that closely to my toes! Good luck with grad school! I finally finished last year and I am so happy I don't havedeadlines to write another paper. Enjoy the rest of this long weekend.
    Fifth Grade Wit and

    1. My toes were not even close to the circle! Crazy girls and husband!

  4. thanks friend... I will join you and Kenoyer on that cruise... I want to travel to Alaska and FISH!!!

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