Monday, September 29, 2014

Pre-Assessment Tech Tools Cont.

Clickers without the hefty price tag! No batteries!
Student response system! Paper clickers!
From Kinder to . . .

How does it work? The teacher posts a multiple choice or true/false question . . . students hold up their card with the correct answer positioned at the top of the card. Watch the magic happen!

Student answer choices are automatically recorded on the site. Watch the bar graph grow with student responses!

Quick set up:

Download the Free app to an iPad, iPhone or Android.
Create an account
Build classes on the website
Assign each student a number
Create a question bank either on the website or through the app
Print your Plicker cards

Laminate your student response cards or put them in protective sleeves

Here is an example of a Plicker sheet. They can easily be printed on card stock, laminated or put in a protective sleeve! It also helps to label the back of the card with the letter that corresponds with the answer.  This allows students to turn their card with the correct letter at the top.  Students keep the same card all year. If they happen to lose their card, you can go back to the site and print a new one.
Use task cards, PowerPoint or Keynote to post the questions for students to answer.
The Plicker people do a great job of walking you through the whole process of setting up your class for Plicker fun!

Next up . . .
Socrative . . . it's got a new look!
Create a teacher account.
No student accounts. Students login with their name.
Create a "room" that student access for answering questions. Can be a quiz, quick question, race, or exit ticket.
Pose a question on the "fly" or create a bank of questions. Then, select the type of quiz.
Space race is a huge hit with students. Groups working collaboratively answer questions . . .while watching their rocket race across the sky to the finish line!

I love the fact that they have a fantastic teacher guide.
Click {here} for a great teacher's guide to Socrative.

There are so many types of pre-assessement tools. A good friend of mine, Daniel, said top 3! Only top 3! Other than that, it becomes overwhelming!

Pick one and give it a go!

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