Thursday, November 26, 2015

Join #Skypeathon! - Global Movement - Sign up!

How fun is this global movement?!
What a great way to collaborate with classrooms across the world!
Be part of this global movement to travel 1 million virtual miles in 2 days!

Looking for a class to Skype with . . .  I created a Google Sheets sign up to help classrooms find others interested in Skyping.

A word from Ellen . . .

Step 1: Schedule a Skype Session, a Virtual Tour or Talk with a Guest Speaker
Sometimes the hard part is finding classes to Skype with . . . so if you are interested . . .
click ----> Google Sheets sign up to register for a Skype session.

Ideas for Skype sessions . . .
Mystery Skype
Share a classroom pet
Play a game of guess my word (using Google Docs)
20 questions
Share book recommendations
Guess our number
Share town celebrations

Or . . . try a . . .
Virtual Field Trip

Step 2: Show How Far You Traveled!
Use #SkypeaThon to share creative photos through Twitter or Instagram!

Don't miss out! Sign up now!

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