Saturday, November 21, 2015

Padlet for Showcasing Student Work

Padlet is a great tool to use to post student work!
Using the iPad students create using any number of apps (depending on the task) and save it to the camera roll.
Then, they use a QR code reader to access the Padlet so they can post to the wall.

Thankful for . . .
I had a wonderful time in Stephanie's (@LearninginTX) second grade class.
Students wrote about what they were thankful for in their life. Then, using the Doodle Buddy app, students created a picture and saved it to the camera roll.

Stephanie then posted the Padlet QR code so the students could quickly access the wall.
On Padlet they uploaded their picture and wrote a complete sentence explaining the picture.
It was fun to watch their eager little faces as their work popped up on the screen. They were so proud of their work! Copy the URL and share with parents!

Click {here} to see the finished product.

To help students stay on track with multiple step directions, we create checklists.
Below, you will find several of the different checklists we use.
Click {here} to access the folder with all the checklists.

and an answer document.

Have fun!