Saturday, June 25, 2016

iPadpalooza iLead (My Day 1)

What an amazing week! Today, I'm recuperating from Information Overload! 4 days at iPadpalooza hosted by Eanes ISD in Austin, Texas. WoW!

First of all, shout out to Carl Hooker, Director of Technology and Learning, for the unbelievable job he and his crew did on making the week fun and jam packed with amazing presenters, a fun scavenger hunt, theme days and opportunities to connect with educators.

My week started on Tuesday, attending the iLead Academy. A full day with George Couros. Yes, that's right! George Couros! If you have ever heard George speak, you know he's down to Earth . . . tells it like it is . . . keeps it real and oh-so entertaining.

Like a magician . . . sleight of hand . . . George had those without a Twitter account creating one.  He oh-so-subtly and not so subtly showed the power of Twitter. He encouraged us to make learning visual by having us post video reflections to Twitter. Check out the hashtag . . . #iplzalead #iplzalead1 . . . 2!

(Got mine signed!)

Day 1: Knowledge Nuggets Gleaned!
  • "Often the biggest barrier to innovation is our own way of thinking."
  • "Don’t teach students to embrace failure - teach them it is part of the process!"
  • "The shift in education has to focus on process and not product."
  • "Social media is like water. You can either let us drown, or teach us to swim.” -Student
  • What is the biggest game changer in education? An educator that looks at themself as an innovator."
  • "Innovation often begins and ends with empathy."
  • "Don't play educational data whack-a-mole! Focus on campus strengths! Build capacity within your learning organization."
  • "Crack the egg!" - the funniest . . . change your Twitter egg image to a real image!!! See, keeping it real!

George worked the the room . . . sitting at tables, chatting with people, answering questions and just plain hanging out with the participants. 
So cool! 
He wove video clips, quotes and personal anecdotes throughout our day of learning. 

3 great images!

Sooo . . . Thank you George for a wonderful day filled with pushing my thinking, great conversations, and your patience as we asked a bajillion questions!

Stay tuned . . . iPadpalooza continued!

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