Sunday, July 17, 2016

World Emoji Day!

Happy World Emoji Day!

Yep, that's right! Those cute little symbols have their own day, so let's celebrate!

Last August, I wrote a blog post titled . . . Incorporate Emojis to Encourage Writing
Using, Emoji Translate and Pic Collage, students can create some fun writing pieces. I also posted a few videos that are done using emojis! Super cute! Check out the post!

While attending one of Cori Coburn-Shiflett tech sessions, she asked us to stop and write a reflection about what we had just learned. Using TodaysMeet, we posted a reflection using just emojis!  Such a simple idea and tons of fun.  

So . . . today . . .  go forth and follow the hashtag #WorldEmojiDay to see how the rest of the world is celebrating the emoji!

Today, in our house, we celebrate with emoji cups, plates, and napkins . . . making dinner just that much cheerier!

Click on the image to learn more about those cute little characters!


  1. nice ♥

  2. Hi, I ask one student to give me a sentence and then I write it on the board. I draw a picture to match their sentence. Then we close our eyes and imagine what else we could see based on that sentence.

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