Thursday, July 19, 2012

Been a Bit Crafty

A couple of days ago I started working on some craft projects that I hope will help with routines, procedures and expectations in my class. I wanted to create some items that I don't have to make every year. So, here they are...

Magnetic Student Numbers---Where are you going?

Wooden circles for student numbers. I'm going to use these for "Where are you going?" during small group instruction. These will go on the side of my file cabinet. Picture soon.

Team Stop Signs
The STOP! plaques are used during team work. If I notice that a group is quarreling, getting loud or not following our working collaboratively norms I place this on their table. I give them one minute to reflect and report to me how they can work better as a team. 
This ideas is from Laura Candler. Team Stop Signs

100% Here!
 In the past, I have just written this on an index card. I decided to find a fun wooden plaque from Hobby Lobby, painted it and printed out my 100%. I Mod Podged the 100% on the painted plaque.
When I am in small group, I start with placing this in the middle of the group. We are 100% here and these are our norms...flip the plaque over...
We go over the norms for our small group. Then, I flip it back over to the 100% side. When I notice a student not 100% with the small group, I just tap the top of the plaque to remind them about the expectations for the group.

Hummm...what's next on my crafty list?

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