Sunday, July 1, 2012

I'm Trying!

So, with summer here, I thought I would be much better at blogging. Not so!
Why? I have time. Is it because it's not a habit yet. Let's Google it. How long before something becomes a habit?

Well, several sites (not looking for research based sites) say depends on your purpose. Several Google sites say between 21 and 28 days. No evidence to back it up. I have always heard 21 days. Apparently, this is a myth that started from a book published in 1960. It was written by a plastic surgeon, Dr. Maxwell Maltz. He noticed that it took an amputee 21 days to adjust to a loss of limb.  Uhhh, didn't see that coming.

Back to the Book Whisperer.

What squares with my thinking.

  • Everybody is a reader! 
  • Types of readers
    • Dormant reader
    • Underground readers (This is me.)
  • Student interest surveys
  • Stealing reading moments
  • The Rights of a Reader by Daniel Pennac (below is a link to his free poster)
  • It's about reading, not requirements. 
What keeps going round and round in my head?

  • Bell Ringers and Warm-ups 
  • Library time-I've used it as a free time. Check e-mail, catch up on paperwork, 
  • 40 books-The reason this is going round and round in my head is because of my daughter. She is dyslexic. How would she handle this? I know the reaction I get when I ask her to just read for 20 minutes a day during the summer. Make sure the are "good fit" books, set the expectation, lead by example. 
  •   Forty-Book Requirement list (350 pages =2 books)-change it up a bit based on our curriculum. 
  • Tripping Over the Lunch Lady, edited by Nancy Mercado-book for the beginning of the year. 

3 points to remember.
(Not finished with the book yet

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