Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Class Theme Continues

Lights, Camera, Learn!
Last year, it started with a few things "movie" related. This year the theme continues. I'll go up to school tomorrow to start working in my room. I did sneak in a few weeks ago to get a few things. My room was sooo clean and the floors were sooo shiny!

I created a few items to make my live easier this year.

These are my math group cards that I post on my board. Popcorn shaped cards with a student's name will be under the team card.
My board is magnetic, so these all have magnets on the back.
Since, I do small group instruction for math, I move my students in and out of groups based on interest or how quickly they catch on to a concept. Magnets make it quick and easy for movement!
These are some of my math station rotation cards. Last year, I wrote them on paper. Way too many trees used! Magnets are attached to the back of these cards.
My students love to rotate the cards. I should make it a class job!

I'll post more pictures.
I'm trying to convince my husband I need a stage in my classroom!
How fun would that be?!!!


  1. Cute! Have you seen the popcorn canisters in the Target dollar bins? One of my coworkers uses them for pens and sharpened/unsharpened pencils. Also, have you seen this site? I remembered coming across it before when I was trying to help my coworker. :)


    1. I picked up big popcorn tubs at Dollar Tree! Usually, I just have a basket at a group of desks so I can put papers or supplies for the day in them. Then, the "team captain" which now might be "table director" can pass them out. I might have to find the smaller ones for pens!
      Thanks for that site. She has some great documents.