Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Working in Room and Preparing Presentations

I know...long post...
I think I'm making up for lost time.
Be sure to scroll all the way down. I'm adding a new portion to my posts..

So, having said that...What a crazy 2 weeks!
I feel like a big least in regard to my blog. Not in regard to school. I had to help prepare 4 presentations for our faculty!
My room had to be completely ready, due to the fact that it was used for a professional development sessions.  Mission accomplished!
One of the sessions I presented was on science notebooks. It went really well. I was really excited about the last piece on "Getting to know your Who" using the Saving Sam investigation. Only one teacher, out of...oh I don't know...maybe 100 had ever seen the activity. They had a great time being the student and taking on the challenge of Saving Sam.

Now, that those are behind me...I'm working on  the first week of school.
I'm finally posting some pictures of my room.
This area is right by my door. It's the sign out area. Sign out board and sign out folder.
The board is for me to quickly see who is out of the room. As a grade level, we require the students to sign a folder when leaving the room. Unfortunately, we have had bathroom issues with our fifth graders. This documents the time they leave the room and the time they return.

The back board is divided into 3 sections. The right side is for my math groups. The middle is where I will post my Words Their Way groups and the right side is guided reading groups.
I love my magnetic Lakeshore Learning pockets. Those are the red, blue, green and not shown, yellow pockets. I place handouts in those for various rotations.
We start the year off with poetry. This is my poetry corner/Word Work area.
I have my poetry pots filled with magnetic words so the students can create poems on the pans.
Poetry Pots are from Fourth Grade Frolics Monday Made It #4. Great idea!
My anchor chart is ready for student input!
I post their morning routine here so they know exactly what to do each morning. 

Turn in work area!
Love the idea of highlighting their name before they turn in their work. I also included highlighting their class number. I require my students to place that on their paper for filing purposes. 

Tomorrow evening, we have Meet the Teacher. I can't wait to meet my precious darlings!

 I've already started getting to know my students. On my webpage, I posted a link to Wallwishers. Love this site! This site allows a person to post a virtual sticky note on a wall. I asked my students to post their favorite board game and favorite app. So, tomorrow when (insert student's name) comes up to me, I can talk to that student about their favorite app or board game.

Option 2 for a sticky note wall...just learned about this one...

Let me know how you have used these or might use these in your classroom?


  1. Hi Charlotte,
    I am a 5th grade teacher and I love your blog. Is there any way I can contact you with a few questions? I wanted to find out more about your math groups. I have never done math groups in my classroom but would like to start this year.
    Thanks in advance,

    1. Thanks! I would love to talk math groups. Feel free to email me at