Sunday, April 7, 2013

From Covered Wagons to Ecosystems!

For the state testing, the covered wagons were removed. If you missed the covered wagons, super awesome! After the testing, we needed a bit of suedo down time and some creativity! The challenge was to turn the pvc pipe structures into ecosystems!

I let each table pick an ecosystem. Then, they had to do a bit of research. With the research they had to create a diagram of the ecosystem before designing!

Holy Mother of Pearl!... talk about engaged students! the pictures do not do the ecosystems justice! I tried to get the best angle for you to see the animals underneath.
Arctic: Seals, whales, penguins and an iceberg in the back.

 The strips hanging are the grass of the prairie.

On to the Rainforest...

Now, the desert...

Ohhh...the ocean!

Anyone notice the Nemo scene?

Now, we are on to food webs and adaptations!
What do ya think?


  1. How did you attach the PVC to the desks? What are the dimensions of the PVC?

    1. It is attached by duct tape!
      1/2 inch pipe
      10 feet long

    2. Thank you so much! This is such an awesome idea that I am using next year. Thank you for sharing!

    3. My pleasure! My students are already asking how they are going to change them up!