Sunday, April 14, 2013

Wabbits, Webs and What am I?

We have been studying living organisms! My very favorite activity to start the unit is Quick Frozen Critters from Project Wild. A ba-jillion years ago I attend the Project Wild workshop. Loved it! Attend again! Loved it even more...attended Project Wild - Aquatic! Uhh, love that also! When you attend you get these massive books filled with incredible lessons. Again, that was a ba-jillion years, they probably have it in an electronic format.
 I borrowed the equipment from our pe coach! Cones for boundaries, hoops for thickets, and flag belts for rabbits. This simulation is much like "freeze tag" only you have coyotes/rabbits or squirrels/hawk or  any other type of predator - prey relationship. My students LOVED this!

I actually found the whole lesson posted on this site.

The goal is for the rabbit to get to the other end, grab a piece of food and successfully make it back home without getting eaten by a coyote. The hoops are "thickets" or safe zones. The must make it down and back 3 times in order to survive!
Here they are in action! Don't ya just love the lounging rabbit?! Let's just say, eventually, he perished! 

Food Webs with Inspiration
The next day we talked about food webs and food chains. They came with a pretty good background on food webs. What they seemed to have a hard time understanding was the reason for the arrows.
I puffy heart Inspiration software! I put my students in groups of 3. Then, they created a food web! They used the clip art in Inspiration. I think this really helped them understand the flow of energy.

What am I?
I have these amazing pictures of animals. I attached string to them and then hung them on each their back. The guidelines were to only ask yes or no questions and they could only ask one question per person. They could not ask what particular animal they were until they had sufficient evidence.  Some pictures are blurry because my students didn't want to slow down to humor me with a picture! (cough-cough...both boys)

So, check out the Project Wild website and see if there is a workshop in your area! It is soooo worth it!
What until you see our adaptation project! Posting those Monday.
Happy Sunday!


  1. We're about to do animal adaptations and food webs- thanks for these great ideas!
    ideas by jivey

  2. It sure looks like you have fun with your kids. :)
    Creating Lifelong Learners

    1. Thanks! I try...the tough part is making sure it all transfers! :-)

  3. I took Project Wild in college forever ago!!! Looks super fun!


  4. So glad I found your blog! I'm teaching fifth next year:) moving up from third!

    1. I made the leap from third to fifth! Loved it!