Thursday, June 13, 2013

I Don't Do Sad!

We have the most fabulous librarian ever!!!  I must also mention, she is sooo funny! 
The last week of school she sent that email out to the faculty...

My response to her...
(It was a quick email!)

Since, I had to take my projector remote to our librarian before I could check out, I checked in about the books.
I love her enthusiasm! As we walked around the shelf, she would pull a book and gush about it...

Librarian: You will love this book!
Me: Is it sad?
Librarian: has such a good message!
Me: I don't do sad!
In the pile it went.

Grabbing another book...
Librarian: This is such a good book!
Me: Is it sad?
Librarian: Just a few parts.
Me: I don't do sad!!!!
In the pile it went!

We found several other ones that apparently are not sad!
So the passive aggressive person in me came out.
Fine, I'll take your sad books but, it doesn't mean I have to read them!

Here is my collection, right by my pool where I plan to read them, all except the sad ones...maybe!

Ok, some of you might be asking...why not the sad ones?
I have friends ask me to go see a move with them. My first it sad? Or, they might tell me I need to read a particular book. Is it sad? No, thanks!
I love mystery, romance, drama...just not the sad ones.

Reason #1: I think it's because I've had enough sadness in my life. I would much rather read the books that are happy! Yes, I might be missing out a really great book or movie with a great message, but guess what? There is always a book out there that is happy, humorous and has a really good message!

Reason #2: I'm not a pretty crier! Seriously! I get all red and blotchy! Not red and blotchy for a few and blotchy for the longest time!!!

My summer reading begins with happy!


  1. Glad to hear I'm not alone - I don't do sad either! I'm with you - there are enough really sad things in life and when I'm going to spend my free time reading I want to be happy!! I especially like to read happy and funny books with my kids because I think it really helps to hook readers. It looks like you've got some great books on your list!
    Polka Dot Lesson Plans

    1. I even joke with my students about not doing sad! They love trying to persuade me to read a sad book! Kinda fun!

  2. I loved Whatever After, and I'm sure you've heard this a lot, but I loved WONDER as well. I'm reading it with my personal kids this summer. :)
    Creating Lifelong Learners

    1. Just finished Whatever After...cute!
      On to The Humming Room. My daughter keeps pushing me to start WONDER...

  3. Ok, so I just found your blog and felt the need to comment. I LOVED, LOVED, Wonder! It is a fabulous book with a wonderful message about acceptance and kindness. There are parts that might make someone sad, but there are funny parts too! Also, The One & Only Ivan is good too, but I'm not going to's sad,but happy in the end. Anyway, I read both these books this past year (and plan to read them again next year since they are bluebonnets)to my classes & that all loved them, but Wonder was by far their favorite.

    1. My daughter won't stop talking about Wonder! Her 4th grade teacher read it to her class this past year. I'm going to be a very sneaky mom! My daughter does NOT like to read (which kills me) due to her dyslexia. I'm going to persuade her to read to me...even if it is "moving!" Not going to say sad. Maybe that's it! I think I need to find another name for sad books!
      Thanks for the words of encouragement!

  4. I loved Wonder!!! I wanted to read it to my 4th graders this year, but we just didn't have enough time!! The One and Only Ivan is on my list for this summer too!

    Lessons with Laughter

    1. I think I'm going to have to break down and read both of those books!