Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My Teacher Always Says...Linky

Tammy over at Forever in First has a really cute linky...
At first, I wasn't sure I really had things that I say on a regular basis.

After 21 years...I guess I do!

I say the first part and my students respond with the last word.
Sometimes I say this when a person needs a partner or a group.

Instead of saying this is hard...I ask my students to say that a task is challenging not hard.

When I ask a question, sometimes I will ask this after a student has answered.
I love the look on their face. Confusion, doubt...
Then I tell them to be confident in their answers.

Phrases when providing feedback to peers.

We don't say the "h" word (hate) we say we dislike something. 

I talk to my students about being proactive by asking questions, asking for clarification or just let me know they don't understand something that I've said or a word that I have used.

The one that my husband completed after a year of marriage...
"I know...you're disappointed in my behavior." Uhhh, learned my lesson!

 Head over to Tammy's blog to check out other phrases teachers use!


  1. Charlotte, thank you so much for joining me with your teacher mantras. After 21 years, I'm not surprised that you have many to share. I stop short of completing some of my favorite sayings too. The kids get really good at finishing them for me. Thanks again! :)
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. I chuckled at your "dislike" saying. My oldest daughter's second grade teacher wouldn't let them say "I don't like..." or "Ewwww..." she always had them say, "that's interesting!" They dissected sharks and couldn't say "that's gross!" They had to say, "that's interesting!" or "How scientific!" Loved it!