Thursday, June 27, 2013

Tune into Technology Linky

 This has been one fun week of learning! San Antonio hosted the ISTE conference!
20,000 people attending a conference...all talking technology! I'm still in the process of sorting, reflecting and organizing all the new information I learned!
For now, I'm linking up  I Teach 1:1 and Learning to the Core for this linky!
Super fun! 
This week the topic is reading...
I'm putting a  bit of a twist on it. 
Once you write it, you can share it with students to read!

I remember reading them as a child. If you want to ride the rapids, turn to page 15. If you want to go back the other direction turn to page 6. Decisions! Decisions!

I did this with my students using Powerpoint. They started with a HUGE piece of butcher paper to plot out their story. I had them color code it so that it was easier to follow the plot. (I wish I had a pic of this.) It can get pretty confusing!
Once they were ready to start their slides, I showed them how to hyperlink the slides together. My students did a great job! Here are a few slides from one of the stories. Once a story was ready to share, students used "clickers" to send in their choice. The choice with the most votes would be the direction the story would take!

Today, I present to you...Inklewriter!

Inklewriter - Is free, web based, and did I mention FREE!
This digital tool allows students to create their own interactive book-choose your own adventure!

 The Ed Tech Pirates used this to guide their ISTE session on The Digital Natives are Restless: Web Tools that Captivate Students.
We, the participants, got to choose the path of the session by texting in our choice. So fun! Such a great idea for PD!
Check out their site for tons more ideas! Also, I'll be posting more about some of the great things I learned in their session!

You will need to create a teacher account. Students will need their own login which requires an email for each student. Inklewriter will help you create an email account for your students. (It's just a formality.)
It is very simple to follow! I would definitely have your students pre-write before getting started.

For a $10 fee, it can be converted into an e-book for Kindle.

Here is a fun PBS website that gives students a chance to see the format for a "Choose your Own Adventure" story. Click on the picture to take you to the site.


I love this site because students can read about the tales from other countries.
In the past, I have created a Google doc for them to work on collaboratively. 

Here are a few screenshots.

Giggle Poetry is such a great site for students to explore. There is a section where students read and rate poems. They can see how their rating compares to the majority of kids. 

I can't wait to check out all the great sites available. 
Ready to add them to my massively growing list of resources!


  1. Thank you for all of the great ideas! I can't wait to explore inklewriter and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your Choose Your Own Adventure lesson! Pinning to remember later!!
    Short and Sassy Teacher

  2. Wow, Inklewriter looks AMAZING! I'm always looking for new ideas to make writing more engaging and interactive. I'm so jealous you went to ISTE. Thanks for the great ideas and for linking up. I hope you join us next week for math!!:)

    iTeach 1:1

  3. Hi Charlotte,
    Well what perfect timing for this linky when you were right there at the tech conference- so exciting!
    Um..I love those "choose your own adventure" stories, so I can only imagine how much fun those must have been for students to create- such a creative, fantastic idea! I'm thinking maybe I could create one together with my little friends for a super fun, engaging activity. I am also very excited to check out the Giggle Poetry site because one of my goals for next year is to use more Poetry and now you've given me a way to do that with technology- how perfect!
    Thanks so much for linking up with us!
    Learning to the Core