Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Currently October

Heading to school this morning, it was dark and foggy! My daughter was all decked out in her Halloween t-shirt, candy corn glow in the dark necklace and batty socks!
A perfect start to October 1st!
A perfect end to Oct 1st with a Currently post!

I'm loving my new position as Instructional Technology Specialist. It has definitely been a learning curve with the "technical" aspect of the job, but the collaboration with the other ITS ... the best.

Thinking: I can't wait to meet all the Teachers of the Year from each of the state's 20 educational service centers this Thursday! Thursday, I head to Austin for a dinner reception and Friday is the awards ceremony.

Wanting: An arc binding system! I was in a professional development session and looked over at a teacher's binder...super cute cover and funky binding! I had to inquire. She flipped through her binder and explained the arc system. She said that she had purchased the binder machine from Staples. Then, she laminates and selects the papers she wants to arc bind.
Love it! My next fun project.

Needing: To get back on the treadmill.

Treat: Have you seen . . .
Get your class or a group of students to collaboratively 
write a book. 

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  1. I am watching House Hunters International too! Would love to visit Dublin! I will have to check out Boom Writer! Thanks for sharing!

    Reading Toward the Stars

  2. I am obsessed with House Hunters International, too-- makes me feel like I get to sort of travel all over the world (and usually makes me appreciate some things about my own home, too!) Have you ever watched Buying Alaska?

    That arc binding looks fantastic... and might help with my binder obsession :) So glad you are loving your new position, and happy October!

    Luckeyfrog's Lilypad

  3. I really need to hop on the treadmill too! I've never seen the ARC system, but it looks pretty awesome. Hope October is a great month for you :)
    Kate's Science Classroom Cafe

  4. LOVE the binding system. I have an old-school Levenger notebooks and punch {they invented the disc binding system}. Staples has removed ARC for the Martha Stewart Discbound. All are the same thing ... ARC is the cheapest option but I will NOT go back to regular ring binder journals or notebooks. Love it!!
    PS I found you on the Currently linky.
    Newest follower :)
    ~ Kristin