Saturday, August 9, 2014

App Snack Attack

Yesterday, I attended a tech conference. As part of the conference, an "App Snack Attack" was held for the participants! As conference participants enter the main area, there was a sweet treat on each chair. Participants selected a seat and a treat while they listened to the directions.

5 of us shared 3 apps in 3 minutes!  We were asked to share 1 for students, 1 for teachers and 1 just for fun! Participants started with the person associated with their candy, so I was Peppermint Patties . . . just happens to be my favorite! So . . .  anyone that had a Peppermint Pattie started with me. After 3 minutes, the group rotated to the next person that was sharing their 3 apps.

Oh, boy was it stressful! Do you know how hard it is to talk about 3 apps in 3 minutes 5 times in a row?!!!

Here are the 15 apps that were shared in 15 minutes.
There are a few I'm not familiar with, so I'm looking forward to checking them out.

Haiku Deck - Easy and good looking presentation tool. Limits words per slide! FREE

Google Drive - Easy way to get files off iPad and to your Drive. FREE

Vivino  - Snap pics of your favorite wine and see ratings. (Obviously, not teaching related!) FREE

ChatterKids - take a picture and make it talk! FREE

Stick Pick - iPad app for randomly calling on students. It has Bloom's related question stems for asking students questions. ($2.99) 

Numbler  - Scrabble meets numbers! The object of this game is to make math equations using numbers and symbols.  Lite version.

Story Creator - Storybook maker for kids. FREE

Plickers - Student response system that uses the teacher's iPad in conjunction with QR codes. FREE

Toontastic - Draw, animate and add music to create your own cartoon. FREE

Yakit Kids-Make quick and fun animated videos with multiple scenes. FREE

Group Maker - Organize your classes into groups. Includes a timer, random name picker and noise level meter! FREE

Flipagram - Create beautiful short video stories set to music. Pull images from your device and add text to help tell your story. FREE

  - Create to-do lists. You can even speak in your phone to create the list. These lists can be shared. I'm definitely going to look into this one. FREE.

Twitch - Students can watch pros play their favorite video games live. FREE

Evernote  - Good for notetaking and organizing and my favorite - making checklists! FREE.

So, grab your favorite candy bar and check out these great apps!

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