Monday, August 4, 2014

Connect and Collaborate - Save the Dates!

As you begin to plan for the school year, there are several collaborative projects for 2014. These projects are engaging, authentic and a great way to take your class beyond the 4 walls.

This is by no means an extensive list, but it's several of my favorites. If you know of others or have a collaborative project you would like to share, please add it to the comments! I'll add it to the Google Doc - see below.

Join 1 or join all!

International Dot Day
September 15th
A global celebration of creativity, courage and collaboration
Click {here} to see my blog post from last year. We combined it with some Augmented Reality - ColAR mix!

O.R.E.O 2014  - September 15 - October 17th (registration now open)
Projects by Jen is hosting an Oreo Challenge

Jen has numerous ways to integrate all subjects. My favorite - MYSTERY SKYPE
Connect (via our participant listing) with another classroom and try to guess locations -- or better yet.....share your stacking moments, have a friendly stacking competition, etc.

Global Read Aloud - October 6th (registration open)
Connecting students through books!

Adventure 14 (registration opens in September)
Adventure '14 aims to bring thousands of learners from across the world closer together, to get to know and understand each other, to break down barriers, and to help prepare them for the evolution of the global neighbo(u)rhood.

Hour of Code  - December 8-14th
An opportunity for every student to try computer science for one hour.
Click {here} for a blog post from last year. Coding with Kinders!

I created a Google doc with the information about these projects. Feel free to grab it!  I'll be adding new projects as I find or hear about them.

Happy collaborating and connecting globally!

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