Sunday, August 10, 2014

Rubik's Cube: A question, waiting to be answered

Here is an inspiring video that encourages one to step back and reflect on the importance of questioning. Erno, the creator of the Rubik's cube, suggests that questions are far more important than the answers.

Encouraging our students to be curious and ask questions will help foster a new group of  “scientist, engineer, artist, designer, inventor, or something no one’s ever been before… but you can bet we’re going to need.”

As we encourage students to ask questions, this leads to the 4 C's . . .
Critical Thinking ~ Communication ~ Collaboration and Creativity!

I guess my questions would be . . .  How do we encourage our students to ask questions that lead to more questions? How do we foster this type of culture in the classroom?
Does it all start with a 5th C?   Curiosity.

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