Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Little Happy's for Halloween

I love Halloween! The crazy part is that I do not like dressing up! I do not like costumes . . .  but I like all the decorations that go with Halloween.

I think it might be the "treat" part of trick or treat. Maybe it's the colors . . .
Maybe,  it's the little treats that I like making for friends, and my daughter's teachers . . .

Busy day on Sunday. . .
I love that Halloween is on a Friday. Perfect time to get coworkers together for a bit of fun outside the work walls. Sent this out . . .

Then, my daughter and I made some "Monster Mash" for all 7 of her teachers!

Click on the picture to download a set of free tags for teachers or anyone!

Final product!

Then, I put together some smelly treats for my coworkers.

I found this cute idea from My Sister's Suitcase! I added the border . . . click on the image to download the tag.

Sometimes, it's just the little things to let people know they are appreciated.

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