Monday, October 20, 2014

Slow Reading Club

Caught your attention, right?!
Were you thinking . . . "Really, who would create a slow reading club for students?"

It's not for students . . . it's for adults!

While Tanny McGregor, author of Genre Connections and Comprehension Connections, visited our district, she briefly brought up a new movement for an adult reading club!

The Slow Reading Club

What is a slow reading club? It's a group of people that get together at a designated time and silently read. It is like sustained silent reading time in your classroom . . . only for adults! Groups meet at a coffee bar, wine bar, or any location to just read …no discussing.
It’s all about scheduling time to read . . . for fun! The major part . . . disconnect from electronic devices!

It's all about making time for reading in your life. We live in a world where we skim websites, Pinterest, texts, Twitter feeds, Facebook posts and emails. Slow reading clubs are about slowing down and enjoying what is written on the page.

"Once a week, members of a Wellington, New Zealand, book club arrive at a cafe, grab a drink and shut off their cellphones. Then they sink into cozy chairs and read in silence for an hour. The point of the club isn't to talk about literature, but to get away from pinging electronic devices and read, uninterrupted. The group calls itself the Slow Reading Club, and it is at the forefront of a movement populated by frazzled book lovers who miss old-school reading" - Jeanne Whalen, Wall Street Journal

Love this . . . 
Slow Reading Club’s mantra is: Calm Body, Curious Mind, Open Heart
Interested in starting a Slow Reading Club . . . here are a few sites.
Start a Slow Reading Club
10 Tips for Slow Reading

Happy slow reading!

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