Friday, February 13, 2015

Join our March Book Mania!

Mrs. Tennis’ second grade class (@learninginTX) and I are teaming up to host a March Book Mania tournament. We invite you to join in the mania!
How does it work?
Just like the basketball March Madness tournament, the Book Mania will have rounds of voting, winners announced until there is a final champion.

There are 16 preselected picture books for the tournament. Click {here} for a list of the books.

From now, until March 6th, read and rate the books in the line up. This can be done as a class or individually.

As students read the books, they rate them based on the character(s), the setting and the problem/solution. Then, they calculate a total for each book.
Using the documents provided, students select their round 1 picks.
Students/classes vote online. (Link is coming soon.)
Students record winners and continue the selection process.
Each winning round will be announced via Twitter and blog postings.

Click {here} for all the documents for the March Book Mania.

Stephanie's class has set up a Padlet for sharing ideas and thoughts about the books. 

Are you in?!!! Click {here} to post your class information or
click {here} add a pin for your class location.

We hope you will join us for the March Book Mania!
Send us a Tweet . . . we love connecting with other classrooms!
Use the hashtag #bookmania15


  1. Thank you for inviting others to join in this project! I love that the books you chose were all accessible for younger classes, but also have some deep themes for older kids to discuss. I'm going to see if I can get others at my school to join in. Fabulous idea!

    Mrs. Hamman's Class Blog

    1. Thanks! We are excited to host this reading mania! Thanks for helping to spread the word!