Sunday, February 8, 2015

Tech Overload!

I just got back from our computer convention. Educators from across the state . . .  and beyond came together for 5 days to network, learn and be inspired by presenters.

Unfortunately, I couldn't get there until Thursday which is ok because if I had stayed longer . . .  I think my head would have exploded. There were so many fabulous techie ideas!

I started with . . .
The 8 "chefs"  shared 3 educational apps and one food app.  Thank goodness they shared all the apps in a Smore. Click {here} for a list of the apps they shared. There were many that were . . . wow . . .

Here's one from Dr. Rios . . . Post-it Plus! Love this one!
This not just your ordinary post-it note app! This app allows you to take real Post-it notes that have been written on, scan them with the app, watch them turn into digital post-it notes and manipulate them.  

 Then, I visited the Maker's space for playing around with a Makey Makey and 3D Printers. Too fun! Also, it encouraged educators to start a Cardboard Challenge at their school.

I'm really pushing for a comfy professioinal development room!

Then, I was off to Todd Nesloney's, Tech Ninjas session. It was a great surprise to see up on stage my friend Terri Eichholz from Engage Their Minds! She shared how she uses Canva in the classroom. If you have not seen her blog, you must stop by! She is a wealth of information and she shares the amazing things she's doing in her class! (Follow her on Twitter @terrieichholz!)

My friends, Jeannine (@TechTimeWithJ9) and Ariana (@WildinPrek), presented . . . QR Codes and Aurasma in the Early Childhood Class! They had tons of great ideas!

Here are 2 of the many great apps they shared. . . 

First one . . . Disneynature Explore.
Magnificent outdoor animal adventures. Choose either the Brown Bear, Monarch Butterfly, Chimpanzee, African Lion or Loggerhead Sea Turtle for an augmented reality experience.
Here's a quick video showing the apps features. 

Second one . . . ZooZakam, a great augmented reality app. (Disclaimer - this app costs $0.99) Usually, I don't blog about paid apps, however, when I find one that I think is really going to engage students to write . . . 

This app requires a trigger.
Students can select either bugs, safari animals or  dinosaurs. When they hold the iPad over the trigger the animal will appear. Then, students can take a photos or videos with their animal! 

I love the possibilities of this app!

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