Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Currently - September

Currently time! Wahoo! Who doesn't love a Currently?!!! When I was in the classroom, I used Currently each month with my fifth graders. They loved them! If you don't have Currently for Your Classroom, you are missing out! It is such a great way to get kids to think about writing in a different way.

Here's what's currently happening in my life!

Listening - Criminal Minds is just one freaky show! I love it! (Thomas Gibson lives in my neighborhood. No sightings...yet!)

Loving - My team! They rock!  We are an awesome team that meshes really well. We each bring to the team different strengths, which makes collaborating and presenting so fun and easy.  Our role is more along the lines of technology integration coaches, but have the IC title. Best practices are best practices with or without technology! (See tomorrow's Teacher Week post - I'm showing off our tiny office.)

Thinking - I have no excuses since grad school is finished . . . I need to get myself to the gym. I actually went this evening . . . and even signed up with a personal trainer! Now. . . add in a healthy eating . . .

Wanting - I really want a new purse.  I travel from school to school, so I started carrying a small Vera Bradley because it fits in my computer bag. I'm ready for a sassy new purse. No clue what kind . . .

Needing - Sleep! I have this weird sleep pattern going on . . . internal clock goes off at 2:30am and I don't seem to fall back to sleep until around 4ish. Maybe the working out will help.

Let it Go - Nothing to do with the movie Frozen! (I just wish people would think before they speak.)
Gym - at least 4 days a week!
Drive the boat - My husband is dying for me to learn to drive our boat. I've got to push myself out of my comfort zone and just try! (Click here to see the boat . . . my anniversary gift.)

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Happy September!


  1. Girl, you can totally handle that boat! And I hear you on the let it go thing. I'm having trouble with that myself!

    Krazy Town

  2. Nosy "neighbor" alert- do you go to Golds!?!? I was thinking about joining the Union but I am nervous about hot yoga.

    1. We are a member of the Golds at the Quarry...not sure about hot yoga either...several friends swear by it...

  3. I absolutely loooooove Criminal Minds! It is one of my favorite shows!!! I am so glad you love your team, that makes it a lot easier and a more enjoyable school year! I hope you get to drive the boat! Keep us updated!!

    have a great school year!