Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Teacher Week - Office Tour

It's classroom tour time . . . only I don't have a classroom anymore . . .
As a PreK-12 Instructional Coach, I have a home base that I share with 2 other lovely ladies.
We often start at this location (by the way, we are in the basement) to chat about appointments, add to our calendar, check email and have weekly meetings. We collaborate, plan lessons, gather resources, mentor, co-teach, model, provide professional development . . . . I love my job!
Sorry, no classroom pics, but I'm sharing our tiny office . . . pretty cute . . . or at least it's getting there.

My space!
Laura's space!

Cristie's space!
We each have a corner.

This banner is right outside the door to the technology department. 
The district created these for different departments and schools. 

Recently, the tech department was renovated. They expanded and moved some walls. 
That allowed the creation of a break room for the technicians and now us! 

A nice big space for the technicians. (Just got a shipment in.)

Here is my second office . . .
I live out of this bag! It rolls . . . has a handle . . . computer padded section! Perfect!

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Have a great Wednesday!

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